If You’re Suffering from Headaches, TMJ Issues, Shoulder Pain or Visual Discomfort, There Is Hope

by | Apr 28, 2023

Your brain constantly coordinates your eyes. It keeps them in sync and aligned. This allows you to see without double vision. If your eyes are misaligned, you may struggle to maintain balance, experience headaches, migraines, neck stiffness (even if it’s due to previous injury or seemingly unrelated to your eyes.) These symptoms can be worsened by your reading or use of computers, phones and other digital devices.

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Neurolens makes lenses that add a contoured prism to correct the alignment of the eyes. ClearView EyeCare, right here in Medicine Hat is one of the places in Alberta where you can get tested and have Neurolenses prescribed.

Will Neurolens Work For You?

How do Neurolenses work?

We can measure your eyes to detect the amount of contoured prism we need to add to correct for your eyes. When we correct eye misalignment, we relieve the pressure on your brain, and reduce or relieve the symptoms you’re suffering from.

It’s recommended that you wear your neurolens glasses during your waking hours, if not that, then certainly, while you’re reading or using electronic devices.

How fast is relief?

Relief is typically found within the first week or so, though some patients require 6-8 weeks to notice an improvement.

Are Results Guaranteed?

Each person is a little bit different. If your Neurolenses aren’t working for you after you’ve worn them daily for a couple weeks, bring them in and we’ll adjust or recut your lenses. We’ll work with you to make sure you get the best possible results. If we’re not able to help you ultimately, we’ll refund you what you paid for the lenses, or exchange, dollar for dollar for another set of lenses or contacts. 


Take This Little Quiz

Find Out If NeuroLens might be right for you.