Did you know that vision screenings leave most vision problems undiagnosed, particularly for children?

You see, kids are less likely to complain about their vision problems. It’s sad, but it’s true.  Here’s what Heather, the mother of Evyn wrote me the other day:

“6 years ago, at our daughter’s 12 month checkup, her Pediatrician suggested I have her vision checked. I hesitated because she was so young and I figured, “What can you tell by just looking at the external eye anyway?” One assessment by Dr. Kerrie Schwandt, however and she found a vision problem we may have otherwise never known of until later in life! I never knew our girl couldn’t clearly see even half of what I could, but as a young child, she didn’t know any different and didn’t complain! For both of our daughters, prescribed glasses prevented learning difficulties that vision problems could have caused, and enabled us to correct the development of a “lazy eye” in one daughter before it became a real challenge. Unknown to us, she naturally used only one eye… Thankfully, as a result of eye exams and correction, both eyes began working together, and her vision improved dramatically without requiring a patch or other intervention.  We are grateful we began exams prior to school age; both girls have had time to adjust, and improve their vision even before it was time to learn how to read. The education and understanding we’ve gained from ClearView EyeCare, along with the use of glasses have allowed our girls to develop strong and healthy vision. We are so thankful!” – Heather

The Alberta Association of Optometry recommends that a child’s first eye exam be at age three.  Optometrists are able to diagnose and prescribe glasses or vision therapy without the child even knowing how to read or give a verbal response.

The government of Alberta recognizes the importance of your children’s visual health that’s why all eye exams are free for children under the age of 19. It’s unwise to settle for vision screening from an untrained volunteer or “sight testing” from someone who’s not actually a Doctor, when your child has access to free exams from a Doctor of Optometry.


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